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Our philosophy - For over two decades, I have had the privilege of training, hunting, and participating in field events over countless wonderful K9s, while working with some of the most successful trainers in the industry. These experiences, combined with my unwavering commitment to learn the most modern training methods, allow me to give each dog the most effective and individualized training possible. My focus is to work with handler and dog to gain compliance, enabling us to avoid excessive corrections. 

Obedience training - While challenging behaviors such as biting and tearing may be disturbing, our K9 companions are doing what they know best and are not deliberately attempting to be disobedient. Obedience training seeks to implement a core foundation of behaviors that reduce or eliminate occurrences of such disturbing behaviors. This approach promotes positive relationships between families and their dogs and each foundation is uniquely tailored to address a family’s long term pet goals and their dog’s behavioral makeup. Throughout obedience training, I will work closely with your family and pet, helping to establish mutual trust and understanding that can result in a lifetime of positive experiences. Obedience training is equally valuable to families as it is to field, hunting, or trial situations.

Gun dog training instruction (Retrievers and Spaniel owners) - Whether it’s for sport or hobby, a hunter and his/her dog must have a special bond that is built on trust and reliance. Both need to operate in sync, establishing consistent responses, while respecting limits. A hunter understands the strengths, limitations and potential hazards encountered by their dog and is guided by these principles. With over 20 years of experience hunting, retriever training, and participating in field events, I know firsthand that each hunter/dog(s) combination is unique. As such, my gun dog training programs are customized to each hunter’s interest, their dogs’ strengths and limitations and planned activities. Collectively, we work with the hunter and his/her dog(s), to form an unbreakable bond for years of safe and rewarding days afield. 

Retriever training in the majestic Adirondack Mtns dog training

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